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VET transcript service

VET transcript service

All current students and those who have taken nationally recognised training since 2015 can access their VET transcript using their Unique Student Identifier (USI) account.

What is a VET transcript?

An authenticated VET transcript collates an individual’s training outcomes undertaken since 1 January 2015 into a single record. Anyone who has undertaken nationally recognised training since 2015 can access their VET transcript via their Unique Student Identifier (USI) account. 

With a VET transcript, a USI account holder can prove their qualifications to employers and licensing bodies and demonstrate pre-requisites for further training.

Verification of training records

The VET transcript is a quick and secure way to demonstrate and verify training records. USI account holders can give permission to others to view their VET transcript, including:

  • Potential employers
  • Employment agencies
  • Licensing bodies
  • Registered training organisations
  • Universities and other higher education providers
  • Tertiary admission centres.

The USI account holder can choose to share an extract of their full VET transcript. This allows them to select exactly which training to display. 

VET transcripts benefits

  • Proving qualifications to employers and licensing bodies 
  • Credit transfers or demonstrating pre-requisites for further training
  • A backup if the original documentation is lost  
  • Reducing unnecessary re-training that can result from lost credentials.

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