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Heavy Vehicle Driving Operations Skill Set

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Complete the 10-week driver trainer program and become job ready to join the transport and logistics industry.

The Heavy Vehicle Driving Operations skill set provides participants real, hands-on experience with practical hours in heavy haulage.

In this training program you will learn how to:

  • follow work health and safety procedures;
  • carry out inspection of trucks and trailers;
  • secure, load and unload cargo of goods;
  • apply work fatigue management strategies; and
  • use and maintain mechanical equipment.

The driving instruction training component of the program is conducted in a range of conditions and locations, with coaching from qualified and experienced drivers.
On successful completion of the skill set, you can apply to obtain one of the following licences: Heavy Rigid; Heavy Combination; or Multi Combination class vehicle, and may apply for a forklift (LF) licence.

Schedule of fees

Student enrolment fee schedule    
Fee description Concession $ Non-concession
Enrolment fee (tuition fee relief rate or fee-free) 0 761.40
Practical driving instruction training and assessment and licencing* 500 1250
TOTAL** 500 2011.40

* This is 20 percent for concession student contribution and 50 percent for non-concession student contribution.

Based on estimated maximum cost dependent upon the sub-contracted training provider undertaking this component; individual applicant requirements; and type of heavy vehicle transmission e.g. auto, synchromesh, or road ranger (industry advice states a current preference for ‘road ranger’, which
is highest cost).

Includes Worksafe high risk work licence – forklift cost.

** Does not include Department of Transport associated licencing fees.
Please note the above student enrolment fee schedule does not include Department of Transport associated licencingfees.

Licence fees are subject to change and apply to all participants.


If you're aged 15—24 years (not at school), receiving Youth Allowance, AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY or holding a pensioner concession card, Health Care Card or a Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans' Affairs, or a dependent of persons who are inmates of a custodial institution, you are eligible to enrol for free!

* Please note that eligibility requirements apply to some of the free training.


This skill set is related to the Skills Ready program. Other skill sets can be found on our Courses (opens in a new tab) page, using the Refine course results>Study mode filters.

Participants must complete all 17 units of competency plus one (1) relevant vehicle class licence unit. The participant must meet the
required licence authorisation for their selected vehicle class licence as set out below.

Heavy Rigid (HR) Class Licence
HR Licence Unit: TLIC3004 Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle
Participants must hold:

  • a Car (C) class licence for at least two years, or
  • a Light Rigid (LR) class licence for at least one year, or
  • a Medium Rigid (MR) class licence for at least one year.

Heavy Combination (HC) Class Licence
HC Licence Unit: TLIC3005 Drive heavy combination vehicle
Participants must hold:

  • a Car (C class) licence for at least three years, and
  • a Medium Rigid (MR class) for at least one year, or
  • a Heavy Rigid (HR) class licence for at least one year.

Multi Combination (MC) Class Licence
MC Licence Unit: TLIC4006 Drive multi-combination vehicle
Participants must hold:

  • a Car (C) class licence for at least three years, and
  • a Heavy Rigid (HR) class licence for at least one year, or
  • a Heavy Combination (HC) class licence for at least one year.

Compulsory units
for all class licences
Unit title
HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures
TLIF1001 Follow work health and safety procedures
TLIF1002 Conduct housekeeping activities
TLIE0002 Process workplace documentation
TLIE1005 Carry out basic workplace calculations
TLIG1001 Work effectively with others
TLIH2001 Interpret road maps and navigate pre-determined route
TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies
TLIB0002 Carry out vehicle inspection
TLIF2006 Apply accident-emergency procedures
TLIA1001 Secure cargo
TLID2004 Load and unload goods/cargo
TLIF0009 Ensure the safety of transport activities (Chain of Responsibility)
TLIB0003 Use and maintain minor mechanical equipment
TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck
TLIB2008 Carry out inspection of trailers
TLIF2012 Apply safe procedures when handling/transporting dangerous goods or explosives
Plus selection of (1) relevant vehicle class licence
Heavy Rigid (HR) Class Licence
TLIC3004 Drive heavy rigid vehicle
Heavy Combination (HC) Class Licence
TLIC3005 Drive heavy combination vehicle
Multi Combination (MC) Class Licence
TLIC4006 Drive multi-combination vehicle

The units in this skill set may lead to the qualifications listed below and other qualifications that allow selection of
these units.
Half price courses:

  • Certificate III in Driving Operations (traineeship)
  • Certificate III in Harvesting and Haulage

Other courses:

  • Certificate II in Warehousing Operations

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